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We connect people
with great apps

What we do isn’t rocket science. We ask
people questions about themselves and
based on their answers, we recommend apps
for them to use. Perhaps the simplicity is why
we’re growing so fast. Our users depend on
us to match them with great apps they‘ll
actually use.


We’re always digging
for new apps

Users have lots of choices. Like 4 million just
on IOS. That’s why we’re reviewing as many
apps as humanly possible. We’re constantly
on the lookout for great apps to get in front
of our hungry users.

Have a great app?
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Apply to get your app in front of our team of
editors now. We‘ll provide you with feedback
and a chance to join our ecosystem. If you
don’t make the cut the first time around, we’ll
give you a free resubmit.

How It Works


Submit App

Developers build great
apps and then submit
them for review


App Review

Our team of dedicated
editors review your app,
rates it, and decides
whether it’s worthy of our

Some Things We Consider


We like apps that are unique
or take a fresh approach to a
common application. There
are 100 guitar tuners in the
store, what makes yours

Great Design

Easy to use functionality is
high up on our list. We like
apps that are easy to learn,
intuitive, and extra points if
it’s beautiful too.


Our users like apps that
pull them back in. Apps
with a social touch or
gamified apps keep users
happy, thus keeping developers happy. Isn’t it
nice when everyone is

Apply to our


Apply now to have your app tested and
reviewed by our team. Application
comes with a decision, report card, and
free resubmit. Sorry, no refunds.


App Match is our solution to the problem of app discovery. With so many apps on the market, it's hard to get noticed. We put your app in front of engaged users who trust us to recommend only the best apps.
We vet our apps to make sure we are only recommending apps that they will use and love. Our reviewers test each app for content, design, and utility, and provide detailed feedback to you about why your app is perfect for our users or how it might be improved. Our reviewers take the time to get to know your app, and we pay them for their expert opinions.
Don't worry! We will provide detailed feedback about what we'd like to see and give you a complimentary re-submit to App Match.
Our dedicated team is always working to get your app in front of users. Currently, we have a turnaround time of up to 5 business days, though we usually get back to you before then.
We target hip, tech-savvy users between the ages of 18-45. Our swiping interface and humorous questions are meant to appeal to youthful thinkers looking to enhance their productivity, social connection, and upgrade their daily lives.
App Match offers video reviews on our YouTube channel for an additional fee. These reviews spotlight your app in a thorough, humorous spot.

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